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About Us
  Ven Kao Puthea Biography  
  Ven Chea Phon Ven. Kao Puthea Biography
  • Biography
      Ven Chea Phon    
      Kim Chorm Kao Kean  
        Mr. Cham Kim
    1st Vice Master Ceremony
    Mr. Kean Kao
    Master Ceremony
    Mr. ...
    2nd Vice Master Ceremony
          Chea Vanna
        Mr. Vanna Chea
    Board President
    Ratry Som    
        Mr. Savin Thieng
    1st Vice President
      Mr. Ratry Som
    2nd Vice President
    2nd Treasurer
          Seng Pov      
        Phann Van Mr. Pov Seng
    Kong Ricky    
        Mr. Van Phann
    1st Vice Secretary
      Mr. Ricky Kong
    2nd Vice Secretary
        BOARD MEMBERS    
    Song Mao
    Mr. Song Mao
    Board Member
    Hout Hor
    Mr. Hor Hout
    Board Member
    Un Sun Horn
    Mr. Son Horn Un
    Board Member
    Tep Munisota
    Mr. Munisota Tep
    Board Member
    Kimny Heang
    Mrs. Kimny Heang
    Board Member
    Marilyn Yem
    Mrs. Marilyn Yem
    Board Member
    Sengly Sim
    Mr. Sengly Sim
    Board Member
    Roath Bora
    Lim Cheang
    Sambo Chhim
    Mr. Bora Roath
    Board Advisor
    Mr. Dhamanath
    Board Advisor
    Mr. Lim Cheang
    Board Advisor
    Mr. Sambo Chhim
    Board Advisor
    Sarin Ung   Chau F. Thong
    Mr. Sarin Ung
    Board Advisor

    Mr. Chau F. Thong
    Board Advisor
          Rasy Huon    
        Mr. Jim Chhun
    Internal Auditor
      Mr. Rasy Huon
    Internal Auditor

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    [2011-2012] [2012-2013] [2013-2014] [2014-2015]


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    The Cambodian Buddhist Society of San Diego, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    All contributions to organization are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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